Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yahoo! News: PDAs expected to change healthcare in future

Link: PDAs expected to change healthcare in future - Yahoo! News

Could volunteers with PDAs be a solution for coordinating medical and shelter records for affected individuals?
PDAs with bar code scanners already exist which allow doctors to scan a patient's barcode bracelet to access their record, current medications and medication history, according to Baumgart.

'You could improve or make sure the patient gets the right drug, at the right time and at the right dose,' said Baumgart who reviewed the role of the technology in medicine in a report in The Lancet medical journal.

The devices could also allow doctors to access medical information from virtually anywhere due to the extended bandwidth of cellular telephone networks or high speed wireless institutional networks in hospitals.


Anonymous Blue Cross of California said...

I am happy to hear PDA's will help change the future of health care. I think technology has a great influence on our health care system.

7:41 PM  

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